Worlds Biggest Fishing Lure

Len Thompson first started his business part time here in Lacombe Alberta in 1929, after returning from WWI.

His business from there continued to grow, and in 1958 Len built his first factory in Lacombe which was located on 5019- 51st. The Factory is still here in Lacombe and remains proudly family owned and operated after 90 years and four generations.In honor of their 90th anniversary the Len Thompson, has joined with other community businesses such as Echo Energy, and Comet welding, to make the worlds largest fishing lure.

The spoon size of the lure is 10 ft across at the widest point, and 28.5 ft tall. The hook 8 ft wide at the base and 14 ft tall.

The Lure is painted to the Five of Diamonds fishing pattern that was originally adopted by Len Thompson in the 50’s and continues to be a well recognized pattern across North America. The Lure is such an iconic pattern and is most fisherman’s go to hook.

It’s believed that the five of diamonds lure works so well because the contrast between the red and yellow is easily seen by fish, grabbing their attention and persuading them to come investigate.  The original five of diamonds was originally painted in yellow and black, a sliver and red were also offered but it was quickly swapped out for the yellow and red. Since then they have come out with five of diamonds patterns that utilize new paint techniques such as UV (ultra Violet) and super glow, however the original yellow and red five of diamonds continues to be their top seller.You can find the Lure at the Len Thompson Fishing pond, which is located at the north end of Len Thompson Drive. The Len Thompson fishing pond is a stocked retention pond that provides catch and release fishing opportunities for our local residents or visitors. Since its inception the pond has been constantly used by residents and is now a common spot for social gatherings and events to be held.Go check out the World’s Largest Fishing Lure and get your fish on!