Flying a kite is a great activity to do on a camping trip or simply a way to spend the afternoon outside and enjoy the warm summer weather. But did you know that there’s more than one type of kite? Soft kites are different than the traditional kite because they have no rigid framing from carbon or fiberglass rods. Instead, they have pockets that inflate in the wind which gives them a 3 dimensional form. Since soft kites have no rods, they are ideal for travel because they are very compact!

Did you know that the largest soft kite in the world is made by Peter Lynn of New Zealand and is 1019 m², weighs 200 kg, and is 4500 cubic meters? There are currently 3 of these in the world: one each in the USA, Japan, and Kuwait. The smallest soft kite as far as we know was made by George Ham and is a 1 square foot parafoil.

If you are interested in a soft kite that is somewhere in between and very flier friendly check out the Prism Bora collection (2, 5, 7), G-Kites pocket sleds, a “parafoil & book in a box” and more. Or if you’re looking for something more powerful, check out the selection of inflatable dual-line and quad-line traction kites at The Kite Guys in Bentley.

The Kite Guys in Bentley is the place to buy a kite that’s best suited to you and to get answers to all your kite flying questions like where the best places to fly kites are and what the ideal weather is for kite flying.

Go fly a kite… just for the health of it! Happy flying!

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