The Lacombe Performing Arts Centre


We are committed to the enrichment of our community by supporting a facility devoted to educating, entertaining, and inspiring participants of all ages and abilities through written, visual, and performing arts.
The Cranna Community Cultural Centre Initiative, better known as the C4 Initiative, will explore the opportunity to provide a joint use facility that will create a space for both young and old to celebrate the arts, support families and children and enhance the well-being of residents and our community.
It will:
•Foster partnerships & collaboration among multiple sectors in our community
•Engage community members in providing input & feedback on its conceptualization & design
•Serve as a model of how a community can work together in achieving desired outcomes. It is a legacy project that will make a noticeable difference for generations to come in Lacombe and surrounding area.

Upcoming Events

Tickets $30, 7:30pm, Feb. 28 & Mar. 1/19
Live Music Event Featuring:
CJ Berube, Tap9, Half-Jazzed & More!

Trinity Theatre

Lacombe Performing Arts Centre
5227 C & E Trail. Lacombe
Phone: 403-588-4386

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