2021 Annual Encore Art Sale & Show

May 28th & 29th 2021

Brought to you by Vesta Energy & the City of Lacombe

We hope you and your families have been safe over the past year, and we know that all artists and creative souls are looking for an opportunity to sell the works they have created over the past year while being at home. We have our fingers, toes and elbows crossed that the 2021 Encore Art Sale will go ahead as planned, and have modified the event for this year to ensure we can be ready for any new regulations. It is always possible that the show may be cancelled, but we are hoping and planning for a good recovery this spring.

What will change this year:

  • The date has changed to the last weekend in May. This will allow further time for Alberta to continue on the path to a healthy recovery and avoid late snowstorms.
  • To keep us all safer and physically distanced, we will not be serving food or drink, nor hosting a special event. This will also minimize the number of volunteers needed, eliminate food handling and prevent clusters of shoppers from gathering. Anna Maria’s Café is planning on being open.
  • Due to the support of Vesta Energy, we will not be charging admission. This alleviates the handling of cash by volunteers. Donations to the Arts Endowment Fund will be accepted at the door.

The student artwork will be moved to the main foyer. It will be hung on May 17th, and remain in place until June 15th, to allow many more people to see and enjoy what our incredible young artists have created! More details can be found in the Artist Application Form, which can be downloaded via the following links.

Artist Application

Student Art Application

Many thanks to our Partners – we couldn’t do this without your support!



Friday, May 28th 

Saturday, May 29th

Lacombe Memorial Centre

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Encore Arts Photo Gallery