Wolf’s Botanical

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Wolf’s Botanical is a family owned and operated greenhouse, garden centre, tree nursery and landscaping company.

Located just 10 min east of Lacombe, Wolf’s Botanical has been serving Central Alberta since 1985 and has an excellent assortment of bedding plants, perennials, hanging baskets and much more. Bring in your favorite planters and hanging baskets and have the garden staff create a custom arrangement for your deck and patio.

Wolf’s Botanical grows their own caliper tees at the farm. Tree moving with 54″ tree spade no problem.

Beautiful landscaped surroundings makes for a special place to have your wedding ceremony at the Wedding Island. RV storage is also available.

  • Hours of operation: May & June Mon-Fri 9-7pm, Sat 9-5 pm, Sun 11-4pm

  • July & August: Mon-Fri 9-6m, Sat 9-4pm, Closed Sunday and Holidays