Village of Alix

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One of Alberta’s hidden gems is the tiny village of Alix, which has a beautiful lake at the end of Main Street and many recreational facilities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. With a population of about 850, it has small town charm and all the services you could want including attractions, shops, restaurants and accommodations.

A Day at the Lake

With a sandy beach and swimming area, a playground in the shape of a pirate ship, a boat launch, day use facilities and a serviced RV campground with showers and flush toilets, Alix Lake is a great place to spend an afternoon or even a few days. Boating enthusiast can enjoy water skiing and wake boarding on the lake.

Discover Nature

Start at Lake Street and see how many birds you can see as you walk along the Alix Nature Trail that follows the lake’s edge. Waterfowl and wildlife are abundant on the 6.5 km trail and there are signs and sightseeing stops to enjoy along the way.

Golf Getaway

Just outside the village, the Haunted Lakes Golf Club offers a beautiful 9-hole course, driving net and a fully licensed clubhouse. The onsite campground has 26 serviced sites, a playground, a picnic shelter and a day use area. You can bring your canoe and paddle Haunted Lakes.

Recreation Facilities

There’s a hockey arena, a curling rink, ball diamonds, agricultural grounds, a Gymkhana Arena, and an English riding circuit and show jumping course. There are also three playgrounds in the residential areas of the village.

Wagon Wheel Museum

This museum has exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of pioneer life in and around Alix including artifacts that belonged to Irene Parlby, one of Canada’s “Famous Five” who was originally from Alix.

Bull-A-Rama and More

Special events are great fun for locals and visitors alike and include such highlights as Bull-A-Rama (May 6) where bull riders test their mettle against some of the toughest bulls on the circuit. A parade, fun community events and a great small town rodeo are highlights of Alix Days (Aug 6). There’s also a winter festival, Canada Day celebrations and more throughout the year.






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