Town of Eckville

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Eckville is proud to be considered the “Community of Choice” in Central Alberta.

The Town is only a short drive to urban centres and the Rocky Mountains, but also has many local amenities.

Eckville has much to offer residents and visitors – a senior’s facility, 2 private gyms, numerous parks and playgrounds, an Elementary School and a High School.

There is a local Recreation Board that offers numerous programs and activities for families. In 2014, Eckville focused on recreational growth – adding a Walking Trail and Spray Park. The 1.2 km paved Walking Trail is the first phase of Eckville’s Pedestrian Trail Network.


  • Baseball Diamond
  • Camping - Group
  • Hiking Trails
  • Playgrounds
  • Fitness Centre


  • Cycling & Mountain Biking
  • Dining
  • Hiking
  • Ice Skating
  • RV Camping