Town of Bentley

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Overlooking the beautiful Blindman Valley and situated between Gull Lake & Sylvan Lake, Bentley has lots to offer visitors.


Gull Lake is a just a 5 minute drive or a short walk on the paved walking path that connects Bentley and Gull Lake.

Bentley is a full service community offering several excellent restaurants, grocery store, service station, amazing antique shop and several other unique stores offering clothing, jewelry, housewares & decor you won’t find anywhere else.

Enjoy your visit to our friendly, safe, caring community and learn more about what we are all about . . . you may decide you want to stay.


  • Baseball Diamond
  • Day Use Areas
  • Groceries
  • Playgrounds
  • Conference facilities


  • Culinary
  • Dining
  • Ice Skating
  • Shopping
  • Skiing