Mirror and District Museum

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Detailing the history of our community and its roots between the years of about 1870 and 1930, our exhibit tells the story of how Western Canada became populated. Concentrating on our particular part of the West, it explores the challenges of homesteading and describes how people would uproot their lives to journey to a land in hopes of new opportunities, in search of success, or merely to survive.

For many, it was the adventure of their lives included are the personal stories of the people who arrived here first, pavingĀ the way for the wave of settlers who followed.

Their tales also help explain how and why both ranchers and farmers became the mainstay of the prairies. The exhibit also covers how the building of the railway across the prairies led to the development of towns aroundĀ it, and details the birth and progress of our own town, Mirror.

With photographs and other material, we paint a vivid picture of the schools, churches, work and homes of the era through the eyes of the few families who left in-depth records of their lives. We hope the exhibit provides fascinating look into Mirror.