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FIND YOUR WAY TO NEW MEMORIES… Enjoy the attractions, culture and events that make the Lacombe region unique and find your way to new experiences and memories close to home. Your interests can take you in any direction. You’ll be surprised how many lead you here. The Lacombe region boasts over 20 Campgrounds and RV Parks, each with numerous sites and close to great Alberta fishing and water sports Experiences.

Proud of its roots, Lacombe has literally painted the town with images showcasing its history. Murals by artist Tim Giles adorn the sides and backs of buildings throughout the historic downtown area and depict local street scenes drawn from archival photographs. Lacombe’s downtown boasts six Designated Provincial Historic Buildings and the most intact concentration of Edwardian Buildings in Alberta. Lacombe’s downtown murals depict life in the county between 1890 and 1910, and showcase it’s history, growth, and beauty.

Experience the sights and history of Lacombe by taking a Guided Walking Tour of the murals and Lacombe’s beautiful historic downtown or pick up a Self-Guided Walking Tour brochure or booklet at the Museums. For more information about the walking tour visit Learn more about the mural project at or take a mural tour of Central Alberta at Pick up your own FREE maps of the region at the Visitor Centre or Tourism kiosks in Lacombe.