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Lacombe & District Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that helps and represents the business and small business owners. The services and benefits the Chamber of Commerce provides help for the business community to achieve positive growth. In partnership with the Visitor Information Centre and Lacombe Regional Tourism and consists of members in a variety of businesses.

The hours of operation for the Chamber of Commerce are Monday to Friday from 8:30AM- 4:30PM year round. The office is dual-purposed as the Lacombe & District Visitor Information Centre (VIC) as well and officially opens from May long weekend to September long weekend. The hours of operation for the VIC are Monday to Friday from 8:30AM- 4:30PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 8:30AM- 1:00PM.

Lacombe & District Chamber of Commerce focuses on promoting public interest to their members and support local patronage of the local business community. The goal of the Chamber of Commerce is to guide their members to a successful business and to maximize that success.

They listen to the needs and opinions of the business community and to accurately represent those ideas municipally, provincially and federally.