Funky Monkey Kitchen + Bar

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The Funky Monkey Kitchen + Bar boasts one-of-a-kind stunning views of rolling hills, the one-mile racetrack and water features.

The menu was skillfully created by award-winning Chef Pete Sok and features Western Gastro and Asian Cuisine. A refreshed menu was launched July 2019 and still features guest favorites.

Other unique items include Homemade Corn Dogs and newly added Soup 5.0. They grow produce on site for use in feature menu items. Even the planters on the patio are host to edible flowers and herbs.

Meat is locally sourced and provided by the neighboring butcher 6th on the Block! Come on down and try their menu for yourself to see if it is worth the short country drive to check out the views and tantalize your taste buds. Please note that on race days, the menu is limited. On special occasions, there is typically a reservation-only buffet.


  • Wheelchair Access