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Providing timeless, beautiful design for your whole home is the goal at Dutchess Flower Company. From unique fresh flower arrangements to modern house plants and stylish home decor, Dutchess provides excellent service with European flair.

All of their flowers are the highest quality grade available, and are always fresh, for long-lasting enjoyment. With custom floral design you’ll be sure to find something for every occasion, budget, and style. Custom hand-tied bouquets and floral arrangements are available for personal enjoyment, weddings, special events or “just because,” and are available for pickup or delivery within Lacombe.

In addition to flowers, they carry a wide range of modern houseplants that are perfect for adding a fresh, natural, and healthy element to your home, while adding a touch of classic style.

To complement their flowers and plants, they also sell unique home décor items, including vintage solid-wood furniture Stop by today and be inspired by their flowers, plants, and home décor. You’ll leave with wonderful ideas and inspiration for how to make a positive impact on your living space. Everyone is welcome at Dutchess Flower Company, and they can’t wait to get to know you!