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Join us in our taproom for tours, snacks and tastings of our beers as well we hope for conversation and good times with your neighbours. We are kid-friendly and encourage visits from everyone. Children are a part of your lives (and ours as well) and we know how important it is to include them. Open 7 days a week. Take a look on our website for more details on hours.

We are now just over three years old and have had an eventful and wonderful go thus far. Our brewery was built in the summer of 2015 by ourselves, family and friends, felt like we’ve been expanding continually since, and will upgrade to a new tripped-out brewhouse in 2019 . Our forest of stainless and fleet of oak will continue to grow. With your help we’ve won some awards and received some accolades and are very thankful.

Most importantly, we’re brewing more styles of beer and experimenting with countless others (24 taps and a cask engine!). When you walk in we’ll be able to pour you:

  • Blindman River Session Ale

  • Longshadows India Pale Ale

  • Kettle Sour Series

  • Saison Lacombe: Seasonal rotations

  • Robust Porter

  • Cascadian Dark Ale

  • Cask-conditioned ale off our beer engine

  • Beer pushed with nitrogen off our nitro tap

We also offer other beer that will include things like: one-off experimentals, collaborations with other breweries, and barrel-aged beers from our barrel fleet. Feel free to walk out with some of our beer either in a refillable growler or cans and bottles.


  • Wheelchair Access
  • Free Parking


  • Shopping