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We harvest and deliver our fresh farm produce to Calgary, Edmonton, Airdrie, Red Deer and Lacombe. There is a BIG difference in nutritional value and taste with locally grown produce that is free from herbicide and pesticide residue. COMMENT: Dear Bill and Edie, Thank you for the high quality produce throughout the summer and fall. We have been delighted and excited to discover our weekly offerings! We appreciated the special treats as well (…jam, pumpkin, pickles, honey, wheat, sweet peas, etc.). Can’t wait for next year! All the best, Kim (and Rufus) Edmonton


Naturally grown and so sweet due to our cool summer evenings. Our berries are a real treat, for we use no chemicals, herbicides or pesticides on the plants or on the soil, so you get a great clean, nourishing product. COMMENT: Hi, I was at your place Sunday and really enjoyed the experience. Went home and made some Honeyberry Jam and Strawberry Jam. Honeyberries are new to me so this is the first time I have picked or jammed them. The jam is so tasty I am sure it will become a family favorite. Shirley


The Honeyberry suite offers a lovely place for your honeymoon and special occasion stays away from home. Enjoy a refreshing panoramic view of the trees and gardens from this lovely second storey suite. The Honeyberry Inn offers you a private sunroom surrounded by a large deck and generous sized suite boasting over 1150 square feet, including the private outside area set aside for you. REVIEW: What a wonderful experience! We came for rest and recovery and found everything we needed and had hoped for. Fresh air and beautiful sunshine; silence; spectacular sunsets; lots of space for refreshing walks; elegant appointments in a suite built for comfort AND delicious food. Thank you for everything, you are both delightful, thoughtful hosts. Erick & Catherine, Ponoka, AB


We offer green spaces, beautiful spring and summer blooming trees and shrubs for your wedding ceremony. Beautiful stately bridal suite for your wedding night. Bring your photographer along and do your wedding photo’s right here. The Shed is a nice place for your reception giving you warmth and light. Parking is ample. REVIEW: Not only is Billyco Junction a beautiful property, the owners Edie and Bill are absolutely amazing to work with, very accommodating and very helpful. The food Edie cooked was fantastic, and if I were to ever need a place to have a large gathering again, this would be the place, every single time.


“As both a parent and teacher, I want to promote healthy eating. Billyco Junction Gardens offers a wide variety of fresh and tasty produce delivered right to our neighborhood on a weekly basis! As well, at a time when school budgets are increasingly strained, the fundraising initiative promoted by Billyco adds a breath of fresh air to the system.”  Paul Caines of Lendrum/Avalon schools, Edmonton.



  • Fire Pits
  • Air conditioning
  • Kitchenette
  • Breakfast


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