Bentley Museum

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The Bentley Museum is housed in a 1924 farmhouse with an additional agricultural building. The exhibits depict the way of life experienced by the first settlers from 1898 down through the years. The collection is geographically based and displayed with a “touch and use” philosophy.

Walking tours of historical Bentley are available. Ten historical plaques have been completed and more are on the way. The heavy metal plaques are engraved with each building’s history.

Our collection of approximately 4000 artifacts includes household, agricultural, medical, athletic, books, photos, cameras, prehistoric, newspapers, typewriters, telephone equipment, general store memorabilia, military artifacts, and an antique organ.

Our Earth Sciences and Geological collections include paleontological and fossil collections. There is also a School house exhibit with many artifacts, and we have a model on display of the Village of Bentley from the early days.