Aspen Springs Rustic Barn Retreat & Event Centre

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Aspen Springs is a seasonal facility open May 15-October 15 for meetings, workshops, parties, picnics, weddings, anniversaries, and photo sessions.

Located on 160 acres in the heart of central Alberta, this vintage gambrel roof barn combines rustic elements with country charm. Event bookings are personalized from a selection that includes use of the barn’s main floor, loft area and deck, or the grassed areas for outdoor gatherings. The location can be booked by the hour, day, or weekend.

As a multi-use recreational farm, we promote preservation of our family’s heritage as well as environmental stewardship of the surrounding riparian parkland which includes spring fed streams throughout.

In addition to five fields of cropland, walking trails parallel field perimeters throughout forested areas of spruce, aspen and birch.

Barn Main Floor:

  • accommodates up to 50 guests

  • high quality white folding chairs

  • white rectangular tables

  • not heated (electric heaters available)

  • access to portable toilets

  • non-smoking facility

Yard Area:

  • parking for 75 vehicles

  • outdoor gathering space accommodates 100-150 guests

  • party tents, chairs not provided

  • no overnight accommodation on site

no smoking except in areas provided

  • accommodates up to 20 guests

  • access to kitchenette, bathroom

  • white rectangular tables

  • white folding chairs

  • not heated (electric heaters available)

  • access to 15’ x 30’ deck

  • non-smoking facility

Walking Trail Access:

  • maps available on request

signed acknowledgement of risk waiver.

Items to consider (not included in rental): decoration, caterer, music, personal liability coverage.


  • Toilets - Pit/Vault  
  • Parking