Lacombe RegionalTourism Branding

Lacombe Regional Tourism Branding Guidelines

Lacombe Regional Tourism expresses cultural exploration in a welcoming, warm and fun environment. Most people come to the region for natural experiences that they do not associate with the Lacombe Region. The Lacombe Regional Tourism brand will encourage people to discover the direction that will lead to new and potentially unknown experiences and new memories, with these emotional connections to experiences tied to the Lacombe tourism region.

Lacombe Regional Tourism Marketing Strategy

Lacombe Regional Tourism Strategic Marketing Plan

Lacombe Regional Tourism will implement the use of various communication channels with precise and specific timing, targeting, and measurement to reach a greater number of potential tourists. This will help create new segmentation based on cultural opportunities, geographical positioning, and local natural allures. The campaign will also define signature identity elements for each destination while ensuring coverage across the region and promoting products that carry across the region with the end result of creating a unified tourism destination…