Are you a “Thing to Do” or “A Place to Stay”?  Do you have a “Travel Offer” to share with tourists while they are visiting our community?  Use the free service of ATIS, ALBERTA TOURISM INFORMATION SERVICE . The Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) is a free digital marketing service provided by Travel Alberta. ATIS allows you to easily and effectively promote your tourism products and services. Sign up at and get started today!  The link is at the bottom of the web page and says join ATIS.

Not too computer savvy and need a bit of help?  For assistance in getting your business or attraction submitted stop by the Flatiron Museum in Lacombe and Angel or Cassidy will work with you to make it happen!

Here is an example of how the restaurants are listed once the information is uploaded to the site.  When you hit READ MORE you are taken to the individual listing which includes more information and links to websites, social media, pictures and more!


The Travel Alberta site also shares articles submitted regarding special events/days which also are a great resource to highlight your business and community!


See below for examples of “Travel Offers” from different types of businesses.  These offers aren’t necessarily discounted or special deals, but listings.  With that in mind the more desirable they are the better for you and the consumer.


Travel Alberta is working with you to make our province the “go to” destination and continues to provide   opportunities to showcase all we have to offer to the tourists visiting each year.  Let Travel Alberta be the hub which directs visitors to their areas of interest and showcases the province as a whole!



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