On this rainy day we decided that it was the perfect time to stop by the Michener House Museum! The staff members that welcomed us were delightfully friendly and helpful. We started off our tour with demonstrations of heritage trades. Both Kim and Rebecca demonstrated methods of spinning wool. Kim demonstrated the drop spindle; it looked quite difficult and really time consuming. Rebecca demonstrated how the spinning wheel works. The spinning wheel was much faster spinning wool than the drop spindle.

DSC05012  DSC05014

The next stop in our tour was the pump organ, gramophone and the kitchen! It was neat to see what a house would look like in the early years of Lacombe.  The Kitchen had a lot of neat artifacts that showed what people used to cook and clean in the early 1900’s.



The final stop on our tour was having an insight into Roland Michener’s personal life and his career.  They had a lot of artifacts from Roland Michener’s life, we got to see his family photos, his tri pointed hat from when he was speaker in the Canadian Parliament and even the bed he was born on!   He was a very intelligent man!


Make sure you stop by the Michener House Museum between 9-5 to see all the amazing things and have an amazing time like we did!


Goodbye Roland Michener, until next time!


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