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Kuhnen Natural Area GRAND Opening

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Kuhnen Natural Area GRAND Opening

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Features: FREE barbecue and tours of the area

An official welcoming and opening ceremonies will follow the barbeque. Tours of the area are going to be conducted by local Naturalist, Tim Schowalter, showing people the geology and plants/animals in the natural area.

More about Kuhnen Natural Area
The Kuhnen Natural Area, found along the north bank of the Red Deer River, is one of the newest additions to the County’s inventory of parks and natural spaces. The 65 acres of forested land offers lookout points onto the river valley and a trail that leads down to the water. This is also the second piece of land that the Kuhnen family has generously donated to the County. Like with the Kuhnen Park (found just north of Blackfalds), the family has donated the land to provide an area for public enjoyment and to conserve the area’s natural beauty.

Event Dates

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June 18, 2019 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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  • Address: , Lacombe County
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LOCATION: The Kuhnen Natural Area is located south of Alix and is accessed off of Range Road 23-0, south of Highway 11.