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Drum Making Workshop

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Chris and Michelle Cunningham from TriSpirit Creations are coming to bring you a one of a kind journey to build your own drum. Chris makes all the frames from Cedar by hand and ensures that they are ready for the day of building. A pre-registration and deposit of $100.00 is requires so the hides can be ready. You have the choice of a 14″ 16″ or 18″ drum.

Please contact Leanne Pruden 403-396-8978 or email to register and place your Deposit

If you have any questions you can message Chris and Michelle at TriSpirit Creations on Facebook. You can also text Chris at 780-523-1482 if you have any questions.

Event Dates

Dates Times
October 28, 2018 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm