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Curtis Phagoo & Ross Stafford Live at The Homplace

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Curtis Phagoo & Ross Stafford Live at The Homplace $30 at the door.

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Curtis Phagoo and Ross Stafford are both Singer Songwriters living in Red Deer Alberta. In the last year they have teamed up on a number of shows together to share the stage, their music, and songs. They have also recently (2018)teamed up to record Ross’s debut record, Exit Wounds.
Though their is a contrast in there styles, voices, and the content of there songwriting… there is an underlying familiarity between the two who have known each other for nearly 20 years. It is this brotherhood, and admiration for one another’s work that makes this show such a success. You cant help but be drawn into there experiences and friendship for a few hours.

Ross Stafford

Alberta born and raised singer/songwriter, Ross Stafford, accompanies his audience on a “road trip through the soul”…with exquisite, emotional story-telling that contains a collage of evocative imagery. Soothing melodies weave through a gentle finger-picking style, enhancing the lyrics that carve into the minds and hearts of the listener. Ross recently released his first CD, “Exit Wounds”, comprising of seven original songs. One friend describes his music like this: “Through tragedy, he finds hope. In a seemingly heartless world, brings light. Each song is a love note for weary travelers.”
Ready for an adventure? Let’s journey together…..

Curtis Phagoo

more traditional songwriter styles. His songs feature sauntering melodies weaving in and out of his rolling guitar parts. HIs stories of truth and fiction engage the hearts and souls of his listeners, and can bring a busy room to a stand still hush with haunting narratives, and “heart on his sleeve” confessionals.

Lately Curtis has been playing shows backed by his band The Heartbroke Heroes, which features some of the finest musicians in central Alberta. He has also had a busy 2 years touring in “Behind the Grind”, a songwriters showcase he produces which has landed him 50 + dated from Vancouver island to Winnipeg since February 2016.

Curtis currently has 3 releases under his belt. “Heartbroke Heroes”, the bands self titled debut album released in 2011, “This Town”, a EP self produced in 2016, and “Summer Flame”, a solo acoustic self produced EP ready to release summer 2017.

Tickets $30 at the door. If you have any questions call Jason. 403-348-6546.

28317 Township RD 400

Event Dates

Dates Times
February 2, 2019 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Venue Details

  • Address: 28317 Township RD 400, T0C 0J0, Bentley
  • Phone:

North of red deer on the QEII to Aspelund road. West on Aspelund road to RR 28-3. North on 28-3 to twp 40-0. West on 40-0 to first driveway on lhs. 28317 twp 40-0. Second house on yard.