This morning we decided to take a trip out to Rimbey!  It was a little smokey on the drive there but it was still gorgeous with the canola in full bloom.

Once we got to Rimbey, our first stop was at the Beatty Heritage House located 5002 – 51 (Main) Street! Here, you can get visitor information in the summer and see what a house was like post World War I. You can also rent out the Beatty Heritage House for family gatherings, community functions, etc. Check out their website for more information!

Our next stop was the PasKaPoo Park located 5620-51st! This park contains 4 big museums and 12 historical buildings along with a park and a pavilion. We had two awesome tour guides show us around the park. Our highlights of the tour were the old school house, the Smithson International Truck Museum, and the church.

The old school house was built in 1902. It moved to the park in the 60s and it was restored by the teachers and students as a project for the centennial in 1967. Today, the grade 4s do an annual field trip to the school house where they spend a day in the school.


The Smithson International Truck Museum holds Ken Smithson’s collection of 19 refurbished International trucks. The collections spans over forty years and is the most complete collection in the world.


The Anglican Church of the Epiphany was built in 1908. It was the first church to be built in Rimbey. The windows that you see in the back of the church were sent to Rimbey in crates of molasses to insure that they didn’t break!


But our favorite building was the Barber Shop! The barber and his wife along with their 3 kids lived in the small area behind the shop.


The park hosts a Farmer’s Market in the summer every Saturday from 9:30-11:30! Check out their website for all of their events! 

We promise that you will enjoy the park just as much as we did. The historical village is open May to September from 9am-4pm!

It was about lunch time when we finished up at the park so one of our tour guides recommended that we go to the Corner Bistro located, 4817 51 St. We got homemade soup, a sandwich and a wrap. Their homemade bread was the best I’ve ever had (Don’t tell my mom I said that).

After lunch we went on a walk around Rimbey to find some geocaches and to do a self-guided historic tour. You can get the self-guided walking brochure from PasKapoo Park.

Rimbey is such a vibrant town, we had a blast touring around. We’d love to hear about your day trip to Rimbey. Share with us on twitter and facebook!

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