Fourteen kinds of farm-fresh fun

Play comes naturally to little kids – give them space and they’ll just run – sometimes in circles until they’re dizzy. But as kids grow big, you need to remind them of their love of play by taking them to safe, busy places like the Kraay Family Farm, home of the Lacombe Corn Maze and super-fun all-day playground. Here are 14 ways to play all the live-long day at the farm.

Images from the Kraay Farm on Facebook.

1. Run, run, run

The farm’s corn maze is 15 acres big and features a new design every year. It take about an hour and a half to run the full corn maze – but if you have little ones, or need an ice cream break, there are a couple of exits at the beginning of each phase. Big kids can take on the twisty-turny maze after dark by flashlight or by the light of a full moon.

2. Jump

The farm has two giant jumping pillows this year, so there’s plenty of room for all the kids who like to bounce – actually, that’s all of them. And yep – you’re allowed to bounce too, Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa.


3. Climb

Climb up and over the rope spider web then scale prairie-style mountains made out of giant tires. Climbers use muscles all over their body and practice their balance too. But mostly it’s just fun.

4. Drive

Take a turn on the mini-John Deere tractors on a trail through the corn and steer your speedy pedal cart through a big metal tunnel on the dirt racetrack.

5. Play pretend

Work your imagination and play pretend in the farm’s kid-sized crooked fairy tale houses. You be daddy kitty, I’ll be mama kitty and little sis can play our baby dinosaur. Roar!

6. Swing

Take a spin around and around and around on the tire horse carousel. (Ok, Mom, if you get Dad to push – this is where you get a little breather. Enjoy it.)

Kraaydonkey7. Meet critters

Visit the petting zoo to meet Brownie the goat and her spring baby and Jackson, a pig who sits for treats – plus ducks, bunnies, chickens, sheep and a donkey.

8. Cheer and clap

Root for your favourite little curly-tail during the farm’s piggy races – twice a day in the summer. And settle down for just a couple of minutes to watch the animatronic chicken show.

9. Ride trains

Attention junior engineers – trains are a big deal here at the farm too. Take the popular grain train around the corn maze, ride the barrel train and the corn maze is in the shape of an Alberta Prairie Railway steam train. (Train rides are two tokens a ride.)

10. Make stuff go boom!

Aim and fire the corn blaster at a big old bus and completely annihilate an innocent wonky-shaped pumpkin with the pumpkin cannon in the fall. (Corn cannon is two shots for a token, pumpkins are 1 token per try.)

11. Slide

One, two, three, four, five slides all in a row. Go side-by-side on the giant yellow slides then run back up to try the tube slides. Repeat.


12. Golf

Putt around the dinosaur-themed 18-hole mini-golf – golf is included in admission, just sign out your clubs at the Corn-er store.

13. Find treasure

Buy a bag in the store then head over to the gemstone mine and wash it in the bubbling rainwater sluice to reveal precious gemstones, golden nuggets and other fantastic treasures.

14. Eat

All that playing is going to give you a good appetite. Luckily the farm sells ice cream, kettle popcorn, hot dogs and deep-fried pickles. New food this year includes mini-donuts, cotton candy and fresh roasted nuts. Or you can bring a picnic, cook out over a firepit or rent a BBQ.


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