My name is Lacey Pilgrim and I am a summer student intern at Lacombe Regional Tourism. I have recently had the opportunity to visit the Ellis Bird Farm for my very first time and the place was above and beyond my expectations. Although I was there by myself, it seemed like the perfect place to bring your friends and family to join in and share the unique and pleasurable experience.


I began my visit at the Ellis Bird Farm’s Visitor Centre. The staff members that welcomed me were delightfully friendly and welcoming, and one of

the staff members, Shalynn, answered all of my tough questions with ease (and there were quite a few!). She had suggested I take the self-guided tour to start off my adventure and I’m glad she had – it was very informative! However, with a love for goats, I headed to play with the farm animals first.

The baby goats were only a month old when I visited and it was safe to say my heart was melting as I played with them. When I finally forced myself to leave the animals I decided to try the self-guided tour, even with my terrible sense of direction. Lucky for me the tour was easy to follow and had a great description of each of the thirteen spots to visit.


I captured some beautiful photos of the area, although it was impossible to capture just how much beauty this area truly holds – from the colourful and unique nest-boxes, to the butterflies flying around the gardens, it is a masterpiece of nature.

While I was walking around, I met a few visitors walking around the area and asked how they were enjoying their day at Ellis Bird Farm. Their responses were all positive and many of them were returning visitors who brought their friends who had never been there before. One of the groups visiting was all the way from Holland! I also met parents that brought their kids to visit the farm for the day, and took advantage of the beautiful weather and had a picnic at the tables near the entrance.

At the end of the tour I decided to check out the Tea House. This quaint little house was the perfect end to the perfect day. Their food is made with local ingredients and consists of a farm to fork style menu. They even have a patio area for the beautiful summer days when you just can’t be indoors!

I finished off my tour where I began, at the Ellis Bird Farm Visitor Centre, reading the descriptions on each of the displays and marveled at their display of the Purple Martin routes and just how far these birds fly; it is truly amazing!

ellis-bird-farm-learningAfter taking in all of the information at the Visitor Centre, it was time for me to leave this breathtaking area. Although it is free to visit, they do appreciate donations for a great cause. The donations help provide continued educational programs, general upkeep, help develop and expand the projects and the Visitor Centre displays, all of the important aspects that make it such an inspiring place. It is safe to say that I will be returning to the Ellis Bird Farm this summer but next time I will be bringing a few friends to share the experience with me; and who knows, maybe I will take an idea from the other visitors I met and have a picnic!

For more information on the Ellis Bird Farm visit their website at or phone them at (403) 885-4477.

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