We thought it would be a wonderful day to do a nice scenic drive. Starting from the Flatiron building, we drove west down highway 12. Our first stop was the Brown Eggs and Lamb to grab some snacks for our drive. Brown Eggs and Lamb has a variety of foods such as veggies and preserves, baking, dairy and an assortment of meats. Our next stop was at the Wooden Shoe in the Summer Village of Gull Lake to grab some coffee.



Just a couple minutes past the Wooden Shoe is Aspen Beach Provincial Park. We made a quick stop to look at the beautiful lake and to take some nice pictures.

After the visit to Aspen Beach we went further down highway 12 to Bentley. We needed more coffee, so we stopped at the Cross Eyed Giraffe Café!


It was time to hit the road for our scenic drive. Along the drive there is many spots to take some beautiful pictures. We stopped by the Medicine Lodge Ski Area for a little while to take in the surroundings.


Back on the road we went, and we found some neat old barns!



We went south down highway 766 towards Eckville.

Eckville would be a good spot for you to get out to stretch your legs and walk down the beautiful walking trails! When you’re out walking along the path, make sure you find the geocache that we placed!


We then continued on down the highway 766, along this highway you can see Sylvan Lake. So we turned east down highway 11 towards Sylvan Lake to see another beautiful lake. We stopped for ice cream at The Big Moo Ice Cream Parlor before we headed back to the office. We decided to go a different way back to Lacombe.

We went up highway 20 and then turned east down Aspelund Road towards Blackfalds. Then we went through Blackfalds and turned north up 2A to get back to Lacombe! There was pretty scenery this way and much less traffic.

We had such a nice drive, share with us your scenic drives on Facebook and twitter!

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