A good day for cats

You know, I would make a fine house cat. I like to sit in sunbeams and take naps. Give me hot tea and warm baking, I could look out the window all day.

Here are four cafés in Lacombe where you can tuck up your tail. And since they’re pretty much in a circle – fifteen minutes to walk to them all – here’s a whole day of warm, quiet and cozy.

Baking in a sunny window

Start with a latte and home baked muffin by the fireplace or under giant sunny windows at Anna Maria’s. It’s in the Lacombe Memorial Centre on the town’s historic main street. The building has the public art collection and library with lectures, knitting and book classes. The café is named after Lacombe opera soprano Anna Maria Kaufmann, she sang here to open the centre.

Hot soup and fresh bread

It’s a late lunch at Morrison House Café – a heritage house open for tea and lunch. Their food is home made – hearty soups, sandwiches on fresh baked bread, quiche and desserts.

Dessert again

Yes you can have dessert twice. Kavaccino’s is an old Dutch home that’ll warm your toes with cappuccino and more home made dessert. Come back in the summer for lunch on the big flower patio. You can see their specials of the day online.

Bonus pedi

Walk down the block past the first Flatiron Building in Alberta to Orchid Rain for a pedi. Walking, conversation, two desserts – what a nice day.

Image: good friends and good chat from Morrison House Facebook page.

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