Check the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum’s website for their hours. They are also open any time for special events, eg: Remembrance Day and by request.

Events at the Museum

 The Alix Wagon Wheel Museum is a proud member of the Alix community and hosts a number of events throughout the year including ‘skills from the past’ and ‘characters from the past’ – where we bring history alive! The Alix Wagon Wheel Museum celebrates their 40th anniversary during Alix Day on August 16th, 2014 -come for the parade and stay for the fun! For upcoming events at the museum be sure to check out the Lacombe Regional Tourism event calendar or the museum website at for the latest information.  

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When it all began – The story of the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum

Established in 1947, the Alix Wagon Wheel Association made it their duty to preserve the history and culture of the beautiful village of Alix. The association is a registered, non-profit society with a board of volunteers. Their mission is to preserve, collect, research and exhibit the history and culture of Alix and District from the time of its founding and onward. Due to the Museum’s name, many newcomers presume the museum is a collection of antique wagon wheels, although they have a few on display, it is so much more. They received their name based on the location of the village and its surrounding historic school districts. The wagon wheel is formed when the village of Alix is considered the “hub”, the historic region encircles around the village and is considered the “rim”, and the spokes divide the pioneer school districts, thus making it form a wagon wheel.

What Can We See!

 The Alix Wagon Wheel Museum takes you back to the days where we churned our butter by hand and our kitchen stoves were heated by fire or coal. The museum is sectioned into a variety of different exhibits. The first display commemorates an important political leader and women’s activist from Alix, Dr. Irene Parlby. Dr. Irene Parlby is remembered for her many outstanding achievements including her role as a member of the Famous Five, a leader within the United Farmers of Alberta and former MLA for the Lacombe riding. Another exhibit includes the Tools of Trades; from floor to ceiling you can observe an immaculate collection of antique farming and blacksmithing tools. If you are a history buff, you will love the reading nook where you can sit and relax while you read one of the many history books that have been collected throughout the years. Make sure to check out the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum’s interview with ShawTV by clicking here!

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Price and Location

Admission to the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum is free of charge, although they do gratefully appreciate donations. The Museum also sells souvenirs and gifts such as the local history book “Pioneers and Progress” which was compiled and printed by local citizens from Alix. The museum is located on Main Street in Alix. It is located on Highway 12, approximately 30 minutes east of Lacombe..

For more information feel free to contact Elaine Meehan by phone at (403) 788-2218 or email at You can also visit the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum’s website at

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