This August long-weekend marked the 40th annual rodeo at Tees! Once a year, many rodeo-goers gather at the grounds for three days of fun, amusement, and entertainment!

Tees Rodeo 1


The final evening of the rodeo was arguably the most anticipated night. Once the regulation awards were handed to the best men and women
of each event, the fun began! The first event out of the gates was the Wild Pony Races. Teams of three young cowboys and cowgirls line up at the chutes along side a feisty pony. This team must try to tame the pony long enough for one of the riders to get on for a two-jump ride. The team with the fastest time wins!

Tees rodeo 2


The Men’s Costumed Barrel Racing is quickly becoming one of the favourite events of many rodeo go-ers. It’s not the swiftest time that matters, it’s the best dressed who triumphs! These cowboys motor so quickly that it’s hard to catch a full glimpse of their attire, but the flashes of colour and streamers are enough to make the crowds go wild.

Tees Rodeo 3

Following the events the announcer signed off for 2015, and crowds followed the delicious scent of the barbecue towards the steak dinner. For only $20.00, guests were offered a grilled cut of  prime Alberta beef, potatoes and salad. A meal for true cowboys.  As everyone was seated, the band played both old favourites and new favourites.

Tees Rodeo 4


As music poured into the night, rodeo go-ers danced, sang and celebrated another successful weekend and toasted to many more.

Tees Rodeo 5