Summer Saturdays are typically busy days in the quaint town of Bentley, but the annual Town and Country Fair draws a broad crowd of visitors from far and near. On fair-weekend Saturday, the town extensively prepared a full day of activities for the fun seekers!

Bright and early, the pancake breakfast began and provided fair-goers with the energy needed to partake in the day of activities!



Throughout the day, the crowds had the choice to be entertained by many events and sights. As usual, the Kroozin’ West Show & Shine was a major hit. The classic cars and trucks and hot rods of sorts sparked the interest and envy of all who gazed upon them.


The Bentley museum welcomed visitors all day as well, and provided the fair-goers with noteworthy facts about the town and its history.

bentley museum

In the late afternoon, the streets of Bentley slowly emptied, but the bleachers of the curling arena filled as the anticipated rodeo events drew closer. Precisely at 5:00 PM the melodies of O’ Canada signified the start of the rodeo. The captivated crowd cheered energetically for all the cowboys and cowgirls who handled the steer or bull or horse’s capricious behaviour with ease.

bentley rodeo 7

As the rodeo finished, the energized fair-goers once again returned to the streets to be dazzled by the fireworks. Each illuminating crack and bang not only signified the treasured memories of past fairs, but also applauded the success of the 2015 Bentley Town and Country Fair.


But don’t be sad, there’s only 363 days until next year’s fair!

bentley street